Goofy was a prepper

Slow and steady, steady and slow. That’s the way we always go! That’s a quote from a Goofy picture book I used to read to my kids when they were little. It seems appropriate for the way I approach prepping. 

When I first made the commitment to be better prepared, I spent hours reading blogs on the internet, downloading checklists, and bought and read several SHTF type books.  Needless to say, it was more than a bit overwhelming. How could I possible accumulate enough food and supplies that were recommended.  And of course there was the huge case of prepper envy that I developed over the course of my reading.  After I got over my initial feelings of despair, I decided to tackle this like any other project.  Break it down into smaller pieces and most importantly, just get started.    

I performed a SWOT analysis of my current position using the rules of 3 as my baseline.  Air, shelter, water, food.  Air and shelter weren’t an immediate problem and didn’t seem to a concern for the immediate future.  Which left water and food as my most immediate needs (big surprise there).  Anyway, I already had a 55 gallon water drum, have a regular 50+ gallon hot water heater, and I have a pool.  So food became my initial priority.

So my suggestion for creating your food supply.  Rice and dried beans.  These can be found fairly cheap at your local dollar stores.  Rice is rice, it doesn’t matter the brand, and the same can be said for dried beans.  As I do my weekly grocery shopping, there is always one extra stop at the dollar store.  An extra $5 per week and you would be surprised how fast this adds up.  Since starting this journey in the late spring, I have accumulated well over 100 pounds of each.


Slow and steady, steady and slow. That’s the way we always go!  I’ve continued to use this principle for all my preps.  A little at a time adds up quicker than you think.  Goofy was a prepping genius.    

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