My preps for the week ….

As I am constantly evaluating my plans and supplies, I prioritize and try to shore up deficiencies.  This week was payday, so I had a little extra to spend.  So this week:

  • Bought a retractable blade sharpener to use on serrated blades.  The first 2 knives I bought for myself were a Gerber LMF II, and a Big Rock camp knife.  Both have a section of serrated edges and I wanted something to be able to keep them sharp.  All my subsequent purchases are for straight-edge knives.  Much easier to maintain. 
  • Purchased a good quality stainless steel water bottle.  This is not one of those you pick up at the corner drug store for $5, but a high gauge steel one of the type you see recommended by Dave Canterbury and his 10 C’s of survival.
  • Ordered my first bottle of fish antibiotics to keep in the freezer. 
  • Received my messenger bag that I ordered from  I am putting together a kit based on the 10 C’s to always have with me.  Sort of a combination get home bag with long-term capabilities if necessary.  This is entirely different from a bug-out bag but could be used as one if necessary. 
  • Went to local army navy surplus and was able to do some dickering.  They had just received a shipment of genuine US military ponchos.  Got an excellent deal on a poncho, poncho liner, and parachord. 
  • Picked up a 3 more bags of split peas and other beans and a huge container of chicken bullion.
  • Found a couple of food grade plastic buckets with o-ring lids outside of one of the local adult day care businesses.  All I had to do was ask and they let me have them.   

Not a bad week as I was able to fill in some holes in my plans. 




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