Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here ….

So, today is Thanksgiving, and the number of folks coming to the house for dinner has been changing all week.  It started out as just an immediate family affair with 6 of us, and now has ended up with a number in the mid teens. 

As it stands now, we have all the kids and spouse (5), wife and me (2), kid’s mother in law, brother in law, spouse, and niece (3), other kid’s frirends (3), brother in law (1), and wife’s friends who are having domestic problems (2).  Total 16 as it stands now.  Plus we have to count the dogs, and at last count, there would be 4 in the house at once.  Wouldn’t surprise me if a few more folks show up as well. 

I am glad we are able to provide and be there for the other folks in need.  But it started me thinking:  in a shtf situation, how many extra guests would be here?  You can see how rapidly the count for Thanksgiving increased.  I like to think that when shtf we will close ranks, but I really don’t see how we could turn any of these folks away, I mean they are like family.  It’s just something else you need to prepare for. 

So my Black Friday shopping will consist of buying more rice and beans.

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