Preps for the week ….

Even with the holiday and all the folks at the house, I was able to get a few things accomplished:

  • While doing the Thanksgiving meal shopping, picked up some additional canned veggies and soup to replace what I have been providing to the kids. 
  • Finished putting together a “Just In Case” bag to always take with me when I go out locally.  The intent is for it to be a combo get home and worst case scenario bag.  (Worst case scenario would be I could rely on it if I was never able to make it home).  Contents are based on Dave Canterbury’s 10 C’s, but it is not the best stuff I have in case it gets stolen.   For example, it doesn’t have a K-Bar in it, but it has a Condor Rodan knife.  It’s a relatively inexpensive knife a lot like a Becker BK-2.  If something happens to it, it won’t be too upsetting, but I could rely on it as a survival tool.     
  • Neighbor was throwing out a Husky Portable AC/DC Power System that I rescued.  Nothing wrong with it, said he didn’t have a use for it.  I offered to pay, but he said knowing that someone could use it was payment enough for him.  Wow!!!
  • Finished creating a permanent storage spot for my water barrels and filled them up.  I feel much better now!  
  • Learned another good lesson this week.  I have been storing a lot of my tools and miscellaneous items in 5 gallon buckets with the lids that have gaskets.  I thought it was a great idea in that I could just grab buckets and go if needed.  However, trying to re-open them to either get something out to put in a kit, or add something new is a real pain.  It takes a while to pry it off without breaking all the plastic, and I have even ripped a couple.  I am rethinking this decision and will transfer these things to a Rubbermaid tote of manageable size. 
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1 Response to Preps for the week ….

  1. Gary in Bama says:

    Since you got the power pack for free go to northern tool and order a 15 watt solar pannel.If your husky is like mine you can use a male ciggerrete plug to keep it charged.A cheap solar power set up for batteries and other 12 volt gear.I keep the pannel in a window pluged into the power pack to charge my cell phone and rechargable batteries a DVD player and radio.Its also handy to take camping as we stay in some parks with no power on site.

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