Preps for the week ….

Preps for this week: 

  • Took a lunchtime excursion to Wal-Mart and picked up a few more items: 
    • Found a siphon and a key ring multi-tool for cheap in the clearance bin.
    • Cheap magnesium fire starter so I can start teaching others in the family how to use the tool.
    • Diamond knife sharpener
    • Mini-lighters to include in Altoids tin survival kits for the just in case bags
    • Heavy duty tarp (brown).  I have a handful of the medium duty blue tarps, but I am trying to accumulate a few heavy-duty that are not so visible that will be the most useful during a shtf situation.   
    • Stopped by the grocery one day on the way home to pick up some bread and stumbled upon a buy one get one free offer on a  60 oz. jar of peanut butter.  That’s two huge jars for under $5…. I’d rather be lucky than good any day!
    • Visited the local dollar store and added to the pantry with the purchase of a few more canned vegetables, tomatoes, and fruit, dried beans, toothpaste and other sundries.  While there, visited the grocery store next door and found great deals on a buy one get one free canned chicken, 3 pound bags of rice and Weather Channel branded crank flashlights. 
    • Stopped by the local Army surplus store and found a great deal on a package of Chlor-Floc.  While I was there picked up some more para-chord just for good measure. 
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