Busy week for prepping ….

 Been a busy and productive week this week.  I continue to work my plan and fill as many of the holes as I can, slowly and steadily.  With what I accomplished this week, with the exception of food stores and creating a sustainable food supply, I am finally starting to feel a little better about my chances if shtf. 

I went to the local gun show this week.  I was really surprised by the number in attendance this time.  It is the most that I have ever seen.  The parking lot was just about full and it was wall to wall on the inside.  I spent about 4 hours there and there never seemed to be a lull in the attendance.  I guess it is a sign of the times. I had no intention of buying a firearm, but there were some very good deals, maybe next time.  My main purpose was to purchase ammunition and holsters.  There is a regional ammunition company that always has a booth and always has really good deals on ammo.  I save up extra money just so I can buy it from these guys and they didn’t disappoint me this time as usual.  The holster guy makes his own and they are offered at a reasonable price.  I was also in the market for a couple of knives.  I was looking for a K-Bar USMC fighting knife or equivalent and a folder with a 4-inch blade that I could wear on my belt.  I was disappointed in the knife offerings, as I could find most things cheaper online, and the quality of the folders was not what I was looking for.    It was also good in the sense that the wife didn’t really find anything that suited her fancy this time.  We have not gone to a show together recently that she has not come away with something.  If she’s not walking out of there with a new gun, it is a stun gun or something like that.  I really thought the over-priced ferro rod guy had her at the first spark, but she surprised me and walked away.  

 As for the rest of the week: 

  • Purchased a more heavy-duty serrated knife sharpener
  • Ordered one of the new Gerber Steadfast knives. 
  • Ordered a Deadwood stove.   At some point, the propane will run out. 
  • Purchased used Swiss Camo Wet Weather Ponchos, one for each member of the family
  • Purchased artificial sinew and assorted needles
  • Purchased an additional heavy-duty stainless steel water bottle
  • Purchased 2 extreme cold weather sleeping bags and 4 wool blankets. 
  • Stopped by WalMart early on Saturday morning to check prices on ammo on my way to the gun show and came upon a clearance basket.  Got DelMonte spaghetti sauce for 40 cents per can, no dents and expires in 2014.  I would rather be lucky than good any day. 
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1 Response to Busy week for prepping ….

  1. Gary in Bama says:

    Found your site over at Ruorke,s site congrates on the prepps. The illness is not fatal but it becomes obsessive.I had my kids raid my stores right before thanksgiving to help them out of a bind. It is a good feeling to know that it isnt all doom and gloom .They had to learn some new things to cook to use what they took but made me smile when they saw that for what Micky D,s for 4 cost they could eat for 3 days or more. Heres an idea you mite like for christmas gifts to family.A 5 gallon bucket with rice,beans pancake mix syrup,coffee so forth .cram as much variety in it you can.Label it HARD TIMES STARTER SUPPLIES it may send them down the same road as we are on. Good luck and happy holidays.

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