Slow and steady…. preps for the week

Out of work young one needed an emergency infusion of cash, so I needed to put off some of my plans for the week.  However, it was still a good week, with slow and steady progress: 

·         Purchased a couple of Energizer brand crank LED flashlights to add to my lighting stores.  

·         Picked up a second “lugable loo” toilet seat for a 5 gallon bucket.  It will be nice to have a 2-seater if shtf.  Actually , this is part of the redundant strategy of 3 is 2, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.  That is, have a backup for your backup. 

·         Received my Deadwood Stove.  This thing is built like a tank and will be an excellent tool for when shtf.  I plan to really put it through its paces during the time I have off for the holidays. 

·         Received my Gerber Steadfast knife.  This exceeded my expectations and it  is one big sturdy knife.  It reminds me a lot of my Buck 119.  I can’t wait to strap this one to my belt during my next camping excursion. 

·         Continued to work the buy one – get one at the local grocery stores.  Was able to pick up more rice and granola bars to add to my food stores.

·         Picked up a couple of Figure 9 Rope Tighteners (came with 10 ft of paracord) at the local discount hardware store.  These things are awesome and will come in handy in a pinch.  I’ll probably go back and pick up a few more.     

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