Preps for this week ….

Good week for prepping this week.  Even though most of my time was spent preparing for Christmas, I was able to squeeze in  few prepping items:

  • Continued to add to the larder by picking up some more rice, dried beans, canned fruit, and canned veggies.  These were impromptu items that I picked up because they were on sale in the particular store I was in.  It is hard to pass up a good bargain for these types of things. 
  • Since it was payday week, picked up a couple of boxes of ammo.
  • Went back to the hardware store and picked up more of the Figure 9 Rope Tighteners.  Great shortcut when you are in a hurry or don’t have the patience to tie a proper knot.  These will go in the Bug Out and the Just In Case bags.   
  • Ran across a little kit at Sears that contained a Swiss type army knife, flashlight, and carbiner.  The wife was with me and she whole-heartedly agreed that we should pick up one for each member of the family as a stocking stuffer.  Of course, she got one too and has already put it in use.  It is encouraging to see her begin to view the world a little differently. 
  • And, the coup de gras….. Wife ordered me a Henry Arms AR-7 Survival Rifle (.22 cal).  She brought it home Friday, but I have to wait until Christmas to play with it.  I feel like I’m 6 years old waiting for Santa to come.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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