Preps for the week, plus a valuable lessoned learned….

Took a little time to travel up north to visit family, so preps for the week were light.  I did learn a valuable lesson though.  In my haste to get out of town, I forgot to pack my atlas.  I ran into extensive traffic backups coming and going.  I was able to use my phone as a backup, and find an alternate route, but it doesn’t beat glancing at a good old paper map while you are driving.  It just doesn’t give you that big picture view with the detail at the same time.   I’ve since purchased an extra atlas’s that are in both cars, and I also keep one near my just in case bag.  I’ve made a mental note for next trip to stop at all the rest areas near the state lines to pick up the free state highway maps.  Kind of a backup to my backup atlas. 

Preps for the rest of the week:

  • Continued to add to the larder by picking up some more canned goods that are basically keeping me even as we continue to provide for my son’s needs as well. 
  • Picked up some storage containers.  I am embarking on a project to repackage a lot of my items as my brilliant (in my own mind) idea of using 5 gallon buckets didn’t pan out. 
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