Preps for the week ….

Relatively slow week this week and work has really picked up and I am putting in lots of hours.  However, I did manage to accomplish a few things:

  • Received my books on raising backyard chickens, making home-made bows, and a cookbook focused on depression era recipes. 
  • Picked up a Buck BuckLite Max knife and a Cold Steel Finn Bear knife.  These are awesome camping knives and both came out of the box shaving sharp. 
  • Continued my reorganization project.  Although I’m not finished, it has already paid off and I have been able to identify some gaping deficiencies as well as excesses in my supplies.  I will be changing some of my purchasing priorities. 
  • A note on batteries:  In looking at my supplies, it looks like I went on a couple of binges when I acquired certain types.  It will be important to space out my next purchases as I don’t want them to expire all within a relatively short timeframe.  
  • Rescued a pair of jeans my kids were throwing away.  I will be able to make tons of char cloth out of them. 

In retrospect, not a bad week.

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