Preps for the week ….

The first two to three months of the year are the busy months at work for me, and my prepping activities reflect my lack of time.  But, any little bit is progress….

  • Ordered an emergency fishing kit and an emergency sewing kit from Amazon.  My plan is to use these as a guide for making my own for each member of the family. 
  • Purchased some more medical supplies, mostly gauze, bandages, and band-aides.  Didn’t really have enough of these in my emergency supplies. 
  • Caught the bogo at one of the local groceries and was able to pick up tuna, rice, and granola for the emergency pantry at excellent prices. 
  • Finally put new tires on the truck.  Decided it wasn’t worth the chance to squeeze out a few more miles out of the tires, as I plan for it to be my bugout vehicle if necessary. 

That’s about it for the week.  Another big week at work next week, so I expect to make only a little progress.  However, the gun show is next week.  I’m planning to pick up some ammo, maybe a folding hunting knife, and you never know what other bargains might present themselves.

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