Curve balls and knuckle balls ….

Life is really funny.  Just when you think you about have things figured out, it throws you a curve ball.  I’ve been evaluating my supplies and equipment, and working on a plan to shore up my holes.  And then it happens, the curve ball and the knuckle all. 

The curve ball is we have a weekend houseguest for the forseeable future.  It is my wife’s best friend who works in our area Thursday through Sunday and stays with us to avoid the 100 mile commute to her house.  So, while planning for 5 folks, another one gets added.  And the knuckle ball, my oldest informs me they are pregnant.  Adds a whole new dimension to my prepping process and what I think my weaknesses are.  Not only do I have to think about diapers and baby food, but a bug out just got a lot more complicated.  So I am back to the drawing board, doing what I do, and pursuing a new plan that includes our newest additions. 

In the meantime, work has been consuming most of my time.  16 hour days and weekends have not left me a lot of time to work on a lot of things.  One more month of this stuff, and then it will calm down to a more manageable schedule.  However, I did get a few things accomplished:

  • I’ve met one of my goals for the amount of ammunition to have on hand for a handgun.
  • Picked up one of the Ontario 499 Pilot Survival Knives at the local surplus store.  I wasn’t really expecting much out of this knife, and it is not the most elegant, but I’v beat the devil out it and it keeps on going.  Holds an edge really well, and since it is 1095 carbon steel, is realative easy to resharpen.  I’ve decided to put this in my wife’s get home bag due to its size and durability. 
  • I did redo my wife’s get home bag, adding some new items and improving the quality of others. 
  • Picked up a few more items for our supplies, mostly medical and hygene items.  
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