Experiencing a case of prepper anxiety ….

I’m experiencing a major case of prepping anxiety.  I’m not sure what the tipping point was, as I am usually an evenly keeled person.  But, as I look at all the possibilities at what could happen, I am beginning to feel woefully unprepared.  Looking at all my stores, supplies, and tools,  it all just seems so sparse.  It seems the more I do, the more I need to do.  There is always a hole in my plans that needs to be addressed.  And even when I think I have a weakness addressed, I see or read something that provides a different viewpoint and some angle that I never thought of.     

I first started feeling the anxiety when I went to 3 different Walmart’s in town and they didn’t have any 00 buckshot.  The other thing I noticed is that the supply of rice always seems to be low there as well. I could feel some anxiety coming on that point.  The other groceries stores that I went to, and even the dollar store had plenty of rice, so I felt a little better.   Then I catch up on Doomsday Preppers (which I’ve been recording).  Talk about contracting a case of prepper envy.  Wow.  And then of course, the pending grandchild.  However, what really pushed me over the edge was an article I read on the 5 steps of survival and prepper maturity.  http://journal.michaelbunker.com/2012/02/5-steps-of-survival-and-prepper.html    Wow, talk about a wakeup call!

My original goal was to have enough that would essentially buy us time.  While everything around us was going crazy, we wouldn’t have to be in the melee fighting for precious supplies like everyone else.  We could wait around long enough to see how things would shake out and then make an informed decision as to what we would do next.  Back to the article, I have advanced to varying degree in Stages 1, 2 and 3.  But what really has me on edge is my deficiencies in long-term sustainability.

So what now?    What I would like to do is quit my job, cash in my 401K, and buy a small farm back in the hills.    However, this is probably not the most feasible thing to do yet, but it is always an option.  Alas, someone has to spoil the grandchild.  So I’ll lay awake a few nights thinking about it and  will take what I will from the new viewpoint, adjust my plans, and get back on the __ and steady train.  Notice I didn’t fill in the blank with the word “slow”.  I’ll accelerate some of my acquisitions and implementation to improve my immediate position,  I’ll sleep a little later next weekend and instead of going to the Walmart, I’ll be looking for buckshot and rice somewhere else.

I wasn’t totally paralyzed by my anxiety this week.  I did pick up a folding version of the Bucklite Max knife and a new parachord key chain to enhance my everyday carry.

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