My knives and the firesteel test ….

One of the consequences of my prepping is that I have become a lot more knowledgeable and  somewhat of a knife collector, mostly hunting and survival type knives.  Last night, I took my collection and started testing them on my fire steels to see which ones would be useful if I only had the steel and no scraper.  The results were surprising.  All of my Mora’s, KaBar USMC , Gerber LMFII, Gerber Steadfast, and Cold Steel Finn Bear would not create a spark.  I wasn’t surprised by the Cold Steel or any other stainless, but I was really surpised by the others.  The ones that passed the test:  My Buck 119, Buck BuckLite Max, Gerber Big Rock Camp, and my Condor Rodan.  With the exception of the Condor, I was just as surprised by the ones that did work.  So for those of you who are collecting gear, I would suggest you get out there and really use what you acquire and find out for yourself.  I will not dispute any of the other merits of any of these knives.  But, knowing which ones have an added dimension of functionality and will work with a fire steel is a consideration.  I wanted to acquire and play with a couple more knives, especially on the higher end, such as a Falkniven, ESEE, RAT, or a higher end Ontario.  However, in light of my tests I am beginning to have serious doubts.  For the money I would spend on the higher end knives, I could get  2 or maybe 3 of the lower end knives that I own and know that it would work for what I may need.  As of right now, if I had to choose just one and only one to do me for the rest of my life if shtf, I would probably choose the Condor Rodan.  The thing is built like a tank, costs only around $27, has a 5 1/4 inch blade (not too big, not too small), and is made of 1075 carbon steel.  It holds an edge and sharpens well and has held up to everything I can throw at it, from batoning and chopping to a fire steel.  If there is one complaint, it may seem a little clunky, but you can always use something else for the finer details.  It seems to be comparable to a Becker BK2, just not as sexy.  However, for the $50 you would spend on 2 of these (compared to one of any of the others I have mentioned), you would in true prepper fashion have a backup and probably never need it.    



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