Thoughts on how much ammo ….

One of the issues I have dealt with while prepping for multiple contingencies is the type of weapons and how much ammo to have on hand.  I am very fortunate in that I haven’t had to necessarily purchase weapons as I inherited some from my grandfather.  That is both good and bad, as most of my items are for hunting or were what was sexy 30  years ago.  After sitting back and looking at what I had, I made some conscious decisions:

  • Even though 30-year-old handguns are not sexy, they work just fine. 
  • With the handguns being paid for, I made the conscious decision to focus on acquiring as much ammo as I could.  In other words, buy a lot of 2 or 3 rather than buy a little for 4 or 5. 
  • With the same thought, I decided to focus on buying a lot of ammo for the hunting rifle rather than run out and buy a battle rifle(s).  Caliber is about this same, and again, buy a lot of one rather just of few of many. 

With that in mind, the question arose regarding how much ammo is enough.  To me, you can never have enough, especially when you can’t go down the street and pick up another box from mega-mart.  (Speaking of which, I have been to the rest of the big box stores in town and I’ve only been able to pick up two small boxes of buckshot.  The clerks all acknowledge that they don’t have it and don’t know why.)  I also look at ammo as an investment that I can pass along to the kids. 

So my simple rule of thumb is, at a minimum, 500 rounds for each shotgun, 1000 rounds for each handgun, and 2000 rounds for each 22 long rifle.  I think for anyone starting out, these are a good first step.  One article I ran across had some really good  information about how much you would realistically need for 5 years.  This is an excellent article and I have used it as a guidepost to my intermediate goals.:  .

And yes, I have reached the intermediate goals as outlined in the article.  It was a slow and steady process where I took $20 on average every other week and purchased a box of ammo.  So now I have reached  one of the few times it’s nice to be at a decision point.  My decision:   1) do I acquire more of the same caliber of handgun, basically cutting my ammo allocation for an individual gun and work my way back up to a full inventory, 2) just continue to acquire more and more ammo for what I have, or 3) do I go for different guns, and consequently start from the beginning on ammo for those.  There is pro and con for either option and I am going to have to weigh them as world events dictate.    Either way, I won’t rest on my laurels.  I will keep moving forward slowly and steadily.

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