Preps for the week ….

Been up and down this week, however,  I did manage to squeeze in a few prep items ….

  • Picked up a hunting knife from E-bay.  I bid on this as a fluke just because it was the same brand and was very similar to another relatively cheap (440A stainless, made in China) hunting knife I own that I really like.  
  • A local big box type store is going out of business and I was able to pick up a couple of the pre-packaged fishing kits for bass and crappie.  My plan is to keep these intact and use them in emergency bug out bags.   
  • Started getting my pool ready for summer.  I had been having problems with the switch to my pump, so needless to say, my pool was essentially a frog pond.  I could swear there were some small fish in there as well.  Anyway, when I had my water tested, even though it looked green in the pool, it looked relatively clear in the testing bottle.  I expected to see a green tint in the bottle as well.  Now, after 8 jugs of chlorine, it is finally starting to clear up.  Lesson learned for shtf:  Even though the water looks clear, it will still be important to filter it. 
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