Modus Operandi ….

Driving to work this morning, I saw something that made me stop and think.  It was a woman in office attire, including heels, riding a bicycle.  I see guys with ties on riding bicycles every day, but this lady made an impression upon me.  Then it started me thinking.  How would I get to work if there was a shtf type event where I couldn’t drive, but still needed to get to work?    The immediate conclusion was I probably needed to add a bicycle to my plan at some point, and I even envisioned how I would look riding one after so many years. 

But then I really started thinking.  We all prep for multiple contingencies, such as job loss, natural disasters, economic upheaval, etc.   But when we really boil it all down, what is your fundamental approach to prepping.  Some plan as though there will be complete breakdowns, some plan for only short-lived events, some plan that there will only be medium type disruptions to services, some plan to go it alone, some plan for groups, and some just don’t plan.  We are all blessed with certain strengths and weaknesses and those determine a lot of how we see the world.  When we stretch our capabilities and get out of our comfort zone, we will instinctively retreat to our strengths.  It is the stretching that allows us to grow and see things differently.  Anyway, where I am heading is that I may have a particular approach to prepping, but it does me good to think about things in a different way. 

So, once I really started thinking about my mindset, I realized that I tend to focus my prepping on scenarios where the grid is gone.  So, how does this relate to the lady riding a bike I mentioned earlier?  Well, by focusing so much on the grid being gone, I am not considering other situations.  For example, suppose world conditions just create gas shortages.  Which could mean maybe that the price of gas is so high as to be unaffordable or used only for emergency purposes, or supplies would be diverted to trucks to ensure food production and distribution, or driving could be limited to alternate days, or only public transportation would be available.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t have a job to go to, but I would be hard pressed to get there.  So in preparing for the worst case only, I have failed to consider that there are plenty of other scenarios that are somewhere in the middle.  Meaning I would have to walk to work 10 miles up hill both ways ;-). 

The point is, by getting stuck in one approach or mindset, you may have significant gaps in your planning and preparations.  Like me, you may be so focused on worst case scenarios, that you disregard minor adjustments to your plans or supplies that could make your life a lot easier if things don’t go totally south.  So at some point, I will strongly consider purchasing a bicycle for just such scenarios.    Actually, being the prepper that I am, I will probably buy two.  Always have a backup!

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