Prepping “Game-Changer”

This week I was informed that my oldest has lost his job again, and that his wife is pregnant.  Either one of these events by itself is a game-changer; talk about a double whammy.  So unless they move away for a job, I am going to need to incorporate baby preps.  Wife and I went to the store yesterday and took their grocery list us.  I spent in one day what I normally spend all month for groceries, laundry supplies and various other sundries.  I am trying not to hit my emergency supplies unless I have to and my intention is to continue to increase them as long as I can.  I’ve also informed the oldest that I expect him to get off his butt and start pounding the pavement right away.  This has happened to him a couple of times before and he has, in my judgment, lollygagged in finding another job, comfortable in that I would be helping him out with rent, car payment, etc.  And I was happy to do it for the first couple of times, but with baby on the way, the game has changed.  I informed him that it may come to them moving into our front room for a while if necessary, and he may have to work at a MickeyD’s.  I am hoping that motivates him.  

With all that going on, I did get the opportunity to do some prepping:

  • Added a few more canned items to the emergency pantry.
  • I’m a little behind, but I got one of the garden spots going.
  • Rotated my bleach supply.   
  • Found a good deal online for some buckshot and ordered several boxes.  I feel much better now.  Our local stores still seem to always be out of stock.
  • Picked up a new hand saw
  • Saw an item on the net regarding making snares out of picture hanging wire and crimping ferrules to hold the loops on the end.  Picked up the supplies at the local hardware store so I can try this out next weekend.   You can find the article here:
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