Preps for the week

Big week for prepping this week as I was able to get several things accomplished:

  • Finished building out the raised bed gardens and got most of my veggies in the ground.  Still have some seedlings that are a little small, so it looks like from here on I will be busy in the garden for a little while.  One of my kids took an interest in what I was doing and is calling it our project and is very eager to learn what and how to do. 
  • Found a couple rolls of gauze on clearance at Walgreen’s.  
  • Picked up a non-electronic thermometer. 
  • Picked up a small backpacking first aid kit so I could keep a dedicated one in my recreational backpack. 
  • Picked up a box of tampons to use in my first aid kits for bandages, plus they are good to have around just in case. 
  • Picked up another casualty blanket and a couple relatively cheap knives that come with a firesteel.  I figure these will be good just to keep at the office and anywhere else I might need something in a pinch.
  • Picked up a good topographical atlas of Florida.  I had picked up one for Georgia earlier.  I now have really good maps of all the back roads of my immediate area.  You never know when you may have to travel them. 
  • Picked up the paperback Wildwood Wisdom by Ellsworth Jaeger and  Lloyd Kahn.  This is going into my reading stack. 
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