Preps for the week ….

Made a little progress this week and was able to accomplish a few things. 

  • With my son’s interest in the garden, we decided to expand and put in another 12X4 raised bed and plant some things we didn’t have room for in the original plots.  I think we are finally finished putting out the initial crops, although we are discussing another raised bed a little later to devote solely to fall crops .  We’ve not planted our blueberry bushes yet, as my son is still researching the perfect spot.    
  • Picked up some freeze-dried soup mixes from Wal-Mart and Big Lots.  I consider these sort of a poor man’s alternative to the more traditional freeze-dried entries. 
  • Took advantage of some bogo sales to add to the emergency pantry
  • Picked up an additional dental repair kit
  • Found some stainless steel water bottles on clearance, for $5 and picked up a couple.  These seem to be pretty good with no plastic on the bottle, and I can’t feel it give any when I squeeze it with my hands. 
  • Ran across some cloth diapers and added them to my emergency stash.  With grand baby on the way (we are pretty sure it is a boy), we’ve started an emergency baby stash.  The wife is really gung-ho about this one. 
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