Preps and Lessons for the week

An unexpectedly busy week last week. 

I made the decision to really get my stuff organized.  It all started with my storage shed, where my kids had been looking for something on several occasions and basically left it in shambles.  There is nothing more frustrating when doing a project and you can’t readily find any of the tools you need.  So once I got all my tools and stuff organized, the wife wanted me to move all my emergency supplies out there as well.  She is more on board with my prepping efforts, as long as it is out of the house.  Needless to say, there is more good in this than bad.  This was really a good project and it enabled me to really be aware of what kind of supplies I have on hand, both excesses and deficiencies.  One other advantage of being this organized is that I can get to what I need quickly, even in emergency situations.  However, there are always downsides and I am concerned that I have most of my stuff in one place that lacks the security of being in the house with me.  For right now, it is a manageable risk and that will be a project for another day. 

I did pick up a few more supplies this week, as I ran across a deal on canned chili, and picked up another gallon of vinegar.  I also picked up a cheap beach ball from the dollar store.  I plan to experiment with this as a pillow for emergency situations. 

And my lessons learned for the week:

I was at Lowes picking up some additional plants and herbs for my garden.  While the kid at the register as ringing up my items, I was chatting gardening with the manager.  Of course the checker heard our conversation and his question to me while I was paying… “So you mean you can put this stuff in the ground and you will get food off of it?”.  The manager and I just looked at each other in disbelief and I deferred to her to answer him.  There are a lot of conclusions you can draw from this and I will leave it to you to draw your own. 

I am having a fight with myself over priorities.  I have been coveting one of the new Ontario Blackbird SKS knives.  It looks like the perfect survival knife and the availability has been limited.  It is also quite pricey, over $150 on Amazon, and can be found on EBay for around $120.  Not that I need another knife, but I am obsessed.  Of course I could buy 2 K-Bars for that price, or I could buy some piece of gear that I really need, or I could buy some food for the emergency pantry, maybe add to my dehydrated/freeze dried stores, or I could buy some more water barrels, or I could buy a lot of ammo for that amount of money, etc.  Anyway, I think you get my point.  When prepping on a budget, it is all about priorities and you have to stay focused on the end goal.  In my case, I have plenty of other knives that can do the job and I have other needs to address, but the battle is raging.

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