Preps and Lessons for the week …..

After going through my organization project, I am somewhat amazed at how much I have been able to accomplish within a year and how much better off I am now versus then.  But I am nowhere closed to where I need to be.

I have, however, come to a serious realization:. 

–          I spend too much time on the net reading survival blogs and other related information.  I am making myself crazy, and to some extent, my family, worrying about all possible scenarios.  From earthquakes, hurricanes, civil unrest, economic collapse, nuclear war, solar flares, martial law, job loss, asteroid impact, etc. and all the stuff that goes along with it, I am forgetting about joy in my life.  I have resolved to limit myself to 2 hours per week reading online.  I won’t quit working my plan.  I have a good plan in place, and I will continue to work it at my steady pace.  I have had to recognize that I will not be fully prepared for every contingency, but I have a cushion in place to make a conscious, well informed decision in any event.  But, I will stop and smell the roses.  I will pursue making music like I used to, instead of spending time every evening reading blogs.  I will spend some money with the wife on something frivolous for just us.  The whole idea is to not forget to enjoy living.  Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the precious present, because, once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.    

That being said, this week I …..

  • Worked some in the garden.  It seems to be coming along nicely.
  • Saw this regarding a home-made Faraday cage with bucket on this site     It just so happened that I had bought one of these buckets the last time I was at Lowes and I put it to use for this immediately.  I am not convinced it was all a coincidence. 
  • Ran across and picked up another WoundSeal powder from Walgreens. (This particular one is a package of 4 single use applications.)  Even though I can get it at Walgreens, they very seldom have it in stock, so as soon as I see it, I snatch it up. 

I decided against spending the money for the Blackbird knife.  I decided to spend the allocation, and for less money, I was able to pick up:

  • Marble’s Bolo Camp Jungle Machete.  I needed a new machete, as the one I had was inherited and was not of any type of quality. 
  • Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier, for my wife’s bag.  The one I had in there was something I inherited and again, wasn’t the best in the world.  After using it in New Orleans, it became readily apparent that it was a piece of crap and wouldn’t be reliable in a pinch.   As we take my wife’s car a lot of places, I really wanted a good quality piece of equipment to rely on. 
  • Condor Fidelis Neck Knife.  My little gift to me, as a backup to everything else when I am hiking. 
  • Condor Bushcraft Basic Heavy Duty Work Knife – Large.  Same dimensions as the Blackbird with a wood handle vs. micarta, 1075 steel vs. 1095, and at 1/5th the price.  I’ve been impressed with Condor knives and I am anxious to put it through its paces. 
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