Preps and Lessons for the week ….

It’s been an up and down week as I continued to spend time on the bathrooms and helping the wife with the spring cleaning.  However, all was not lost as I learned some new lessons this week, and was able to add to my prepping efforts. 

The wife and I did determine that we really had too much stored in the freezer section.  If the cooler hadn’t performed so well, we would have lost a serious amount of food (and dollars).  We had lost track of everything that we had, so we are committing to using it up and not purchasing anymore for a while.  We also talked about only buying enough frozen stuff to do us for three or four meals and focus on more canned goods and long term food storage.   We decided that it is better to invest the difference for the long term rather than risk losing so much food if the power goes out for an extended period. 

Ran across this little tidbit and I am really intrigued.  I am seriously considering doing this in lieu of bulk purchases for long term storage each week.

Other preps for the week:

  • Purchased one of the huge Coleman coolers that is supposed to keep ice frozen for 5 days.  A cooler of this size is a great multi-use item and can be used for water collection, storage, etc.  I can definitely attest that it works for 3 as it took me that long to get the fridge really fixed.  As I store it away I plan to use it to hold extra toilet paper.   
  • Picked up a sharpening stone and more honing oil. 
  • Refreshed my stored water supplies.  I like to do this when the time changes, but I just didn’t get around to it. 
  • Moved my compost container system to a sunnier location and built a keyhole garden spot around it.   This is being used very successfully in Africa to grow a lot of food in a very small space.  As most of my backyard is sunlight challenged, I thought I would give this concept a try.     
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