Preps for the week:

Continued to work around the house and the yard this week.  I am really pushing to get this done so I can devote the rest of the summer to enjoying the backyard and pool and pursue other interests.  I did get a few things accomplished this week:

  • As part of my landscaping projects, I planted several hibiscus.  Apparently, a tea made of the dried leaves will do wonders for one’s blood pressure.  I figure in a shtf situation, these will be a great alternative when blood pressure medicines aren’t readily available. 
  • Picked up 6 wallet magnifying Fresnel lenses (4x) to put in the Altoids tin pocket emergency kits I am making. 
  • Picked up a three pack of replacement Swiss army knife tweezers.  These will go in the pocket emergency kit as well. 
  • Picked up another 50 yards of Kevlar thread.  Always useful for repairs. 
  • Ran across an item called a portable bidet.  After checking it out, I decided to add this to my emergency plans.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before.  I found a deal on a pack of 4 Perineal cleansing bottles/baby wash.  The plan is to put these in the bug out bags and also great to have around when the toilet paper runs out.  Sure beats sponge on a stick with vinegar.
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