Getting a few things done this week

Been raining most of the week here in the panhandle.  Pensacola has been getting slammed.  I keep several old 5 gallon buckets beside my garden plot to catch the rain water and they are all over 1/2 full.  The garden seems to like the rain water much better than water out of the hose.  I’ve got one rain barrel hooked up to the gutter system on the sun room and it is full.  It’s amazing how much water you can collect.  I really need to get the gutters on the rest of the house.   

Anyway, I did continue to work my plan and get a few things done this week. 

  • Picked up four oil/kerosene lamps and one lantern as part of my alternative lighting plan.  I’ve got lots of candles, flashlights, and batteries, but this has been one of those items that I had been putting off.  Anyway, i jumped into this with both feet this week and started picking up lamp oil at the local Family Dollar.  They have it very cheap and I will pick up a more bottles of lamp oil or kerosene as I find it at a good price.
  • During one of my limited reading sessions on the net, I ran across a great article regarding the multiple uses of baking soda during a shtf situation.   (Article can be found here:  SHTF uses for baking soda).  I promptly went to Sam’s and picked up a couple of bulk bags for my supplies.  This stuff is amazing. 
  • With the stuff coming in from the garden, I picked up a dehydrator.  This will be especially great mid-term storage for the herbs, peppers, corn, and other items.  As I mentioned before, freezing is one of the things that I am avoiding.  We plan on getting into canning, and the dehydration will provide us another immediate option. 

All and all, not a bad week and moving forward with the plan. 


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