The $98 trade-off.

Been out of pocket for a while.  Went up north to visit family.  While there, I did pick up some canned goods that I found much cheaper than I can purchase at home.  And on the way back home, stopped at the Frost Cutlery factory outlet in Chattanooga.  I was able to pick up another Marbles machete.  Had a great visit with my family and was able to pick up some good supplies, so it was a good trip all around. 

The $98 trade-off. 
The wife has been wanting to buy a deck box to hold our outdoor chair cushions and other items.  Although I don’t disagree that it would be nice to have a deck box, I have been resisting and  basically delaying.  Today, I was looking for some particular supplies that I needed, so I decided to go to the local ACE Hardware store.  It is attached to a Dollar General store, so after I completed my purchases at ACE, I stopped by DG.  It struck me that the $98 that I spent between both places was the amount that I would have paid for the deck box.  So, what trade-off did I get?

  • 3 ½ lb axe (I discovered that my other axes had developed legs, so I was in desperate need of at least one). 
  • 21 inch bow saw packaged with a 7-inch folding saw
  • Butane for refilling lighters
  • 4 bottles of Gatorade
  • 2 cans of chicken
  • 3 cans of roast beef (building my inventory for the 100 day pantry)
  • 2 cans of ham chunks
  • 4 bandanas
  • 2 packages of sanitary napkins
  • Triple anti-biotic ointment
  • 12 bars of soap (plan to open these and put them in an open box in my storage shed to dry out.  This is supposed to extend the life of a bar of soap dramatically) 
  • 4 large tubes of Colgate toothpaste
  • 2 tubes of diaper rash cream
  • Vitamin C tablets
  • 6 cans of cheese sauce
  • Container of Creole seasoning
  • 2 rolls of packing tape

The point of all of this is that prepping is a lot about priorities and choices/trade-offs.   For example, if you eat out 2 nights a week and spend $30 each time (which is probably a low amount), think about the preps that you could acquire for trading one night out.  $30 would buy 2 nice steaks you could throw on the grill , 10 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, a couple of boxes of pasta, a few cans of chicken, chicken bouillon, and frozen mixed veggies for the dehydrator…  So you’ve placated the wife, and got enough supplies to feed you for two or three days if shtf. 

BTW, it rained this afternoon and the wife wasn’t thrilled the cushions got wet.  I decided not to tell her about her trade-off.

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