A little more progress ….

We’ve had sporadic house guests for the past couple of weeks, and I have been working a lot on home improvement projects, so I have not been able to prepare posts like I normally do.  At first I didn’t think I made a lot of progress, but in retrospect, I did accomplish a few things this past couple of weeks.  

Accomplishments and Lessons Learned since my last post:

  • I am continuing to play with my dehydrator.  Nothing around here is going to waste.  Peaches or apples starting to go a little soft, dehydrate them.   On the weekends or when I have a day off, I usually buy a bag of mixed vegetables and dehydrate them. 
  • During one of my trips to the home improvement store, I picked up a Eastwing Sportsmen’s Hatchet.  I’ve had my eye on one of these for a long time, mostly because it is one piece of solid steel. 
  • I picked up some poison ivy while cleaning out some weeds and such from my back yard.  I decided not to go to the doctor right away, mainly to see what I could do to clear this up on my own if I contracted this during a shtf situation and didn’t have access to a doctor.  I don’t know if what I did myself, or if time by itself, or a combination of the two is what cleared this up.  The first 4 days, I hit it real hard with the calamine lotion and topical anti-histamines.  That really didn’t seem to help a whole lot, but I kept at it.  I also read an article regarding Fels Naptha soap.  This supposedly cuts the oils that cause the reaction.  For the next 4 days, I scrubbed the infected areas with the soap and continued to use the calamine lotion.  So after 8 days, it seemed to be going away.  Today is the 10th day, and I only have a few red splotches left.  So I am going to buy more bars of soap and increase the calamine supply for shtf.   Fels Naptha soap costs a little over $1 at wallyworld in the laundry section.  Apparently this stuff is a great stain remover as well which makes it a dual use item. 
  • Even though I successfully gardened most of the time I lived up north, I have learned some hard lessons with my first attempt here in north Florida.  I got my plants out a little late, so the heat has not been a big help.  I also learned a lot about how much the sun patterns change in my back yard.  Areas that received plenty of sun during the spring seemed to not get as much once we reached the summer solstice.  I’m already making changes for next year and for my fall crops.  
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