“Boy, you sure eat a lot of beans at your house” ….


“We sure do” is the response I gave the check-out lady at Wal-Mart.  We then got into a discussion about how many different ways she ate beans back during the WWII era, and she passed along a few tips with how to keep the gas down.  (She said just a pinch of baking soda will do it.  Not too much, or you will have a volcano on your hands).   With all the company and other distractions we’ve had, I hadn’t had a chance to keep up with my prepping efforts.  So I decided I would go shopping at lunch and pick up items for the emergency pantry.

 I was especially looking for flour and corn meal, since the price is expected to really sky-rocket because of the drought.  I half-way expected there to be limited amounts available, but I was really surprised.  There was plenty of corn meal, grits, cans of corn, etc.  So I guess it hasn’t really dawned on the rest of the masses yet.  What did surprise me was the increase in the price of beans.  The split green peas I had been buying for $.75 are now up to $1.29 and other dried beans had gone up as well. 

So after the beans, corn meal, flour, and other canned goods, I decided to go over to the sporting goods section, especially to see if there was anything good on clearance.  I always check out the ammo as well, and I was caught off guard by the limited amount they had.  I knew most of them weren’t as well stocked as before, but I was really not expected them to be totally out of .22 ammo.  As far as the other ammo, let’s just say that the other calibers they did have were not stacked more than two deep. 

I guess the surprises are not so much that these things are unexpected, it is just the pace at which they are happening.  Time seems to be growing short.

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