What if you only had ONE week before SHTF?

Looking at my calendar, I see that the London Olympics open in a week.  It got me to thinking that it is a pretty significant event on the world stage and with the world situation the way it is, it could provide an opportunity for something bad to happen.  So pretend you have this one week’s warning that some kind of shtf event is about to occur.  Are you ready?  What do you need to do to be about as ready as you can be? 

Actually, this is not a bad exercise to run through 3 or 4 times a year.  Kind of gives you a good checkpoint or baseline to work from. 

For me, I am squaring away and making sure my current position is solid as possible.  Am I ready, NO!  Can I be a little better off by this time next week.  Absolutely!  So what are the immediate things that will improve my situation in just one week:

  • Purchase a few extra beans, rice, flour, and other staples from the store this week. 
  • Hit the buy-one-get-one sales at the local stores. 
  • Refresh my water storage.  Maybe buy a few extra cases of bottled water.  (Some places have it on sale for $2.50/case this week.  $10 will go a long way). 
  • Purchase some emergency seeds off of eBay.
  • Postpone the purchase of a solar power system and purchase some extra rechargeable batteries and another solar charger.
  • Purchase a few of the solar landscape lights (to be used just to provide enough lumination at night to get around the house).
  • Pick up some more toilet paper. 
  • Buy some packages of frozen vegetables and run the dehydrator all weekend. 
  • Purchase a couple of boxes of .22 ammo

Actually, this is not much different than a typical week with the incremental improvements.  The only things out of the ordinary are the seeds and solar items.  Still, it looks like a big week ahead. 

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