Muddling through ….

In an earlier post I talked about my nervousness and what I would do this week to basically create a baseline of where I am.  So this week I accomplished everything I mentioned;  bought some extra rice and beans, picked up 2 more cases of bottled water and refreshed my other water stores, received my seeds, picked up a new solar charger and batteries from Harbor Freight, 2 bulk packages of toilet paper, couple box of .22 ammo, 4 solar landscape lights. 

Additionally, I put up 4 more pint jars of mixed vegetables.  I find 2 pounds of frozen mixed vegetables will dehydrate down into a 1 pint mason jar.   One of the bogo deals was for chef-boy-r-dee, and I picked up a whole case of them.   The timing for this couldn’t have been better. In addition, I picked up a couple of the yo-yo fishing reels and another small knife sharpener.  These will always come in handy. 

I don’t know if I have reached a new maturity level in the preparedness journey, but with this recent round of anxiety and world situation deterioration, my first instinct has not been to run out and get more ammunition.  I’ve done a good job of reaching my initial goals (see links in an earlier post), so I haven’t been spazzing about not having enough.  It has allowed me to focus on other things like increasing the capabilities to feed us long term.  

It was an interesting exercise in creating a baseline for the week and I kind of like taking this approach once in a while, especially where there are some immediate needs and gaps in my plan that need to be closed rather quickly, allowing me to at least muddle through if there was an shtf event. 

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