Pucker factor high, but moving along…

 This has been a relatively productive week for prepping.  I have discovered several holes in my plan and am working hard to fill those in, all the while trying to get more done.  I don’t know about you guys, but this drought , the economy, and the general world situation really has me on edge.  Plus, major car repair and home upkeep expenses have prevented me from investing more heavily in prepping.  Needless to say, my pucker factor is almost off the charts. 

So I am practicing what I preach, taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly (has to be done 3 times).  Then I put a smile on my face and go slowly.  After reflecting on what I got done this week, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I discovered a major hole in my plan regarding burn care.  I have some things left over from when one of the kids suffered a burn, but as far as a good supply of items, I was severely lacking.  And this is one of those things whose chances increase during a shtf situation.  So this week I bought a few boxes of burn pads, burn gel, and gauze.  I also bought a few more instant cold packs (as ice may not be available).  These are all going in a special burn kit. 

I did take advantage of the sales at the local stores and added to the pantry, especially some things where I didn’t really have a good start.  I was able to pick up some lard and masa.  I was surprised by the expiration date on the lard, so I will probably be investing in more (and of course it is a dual use item). 

Read an article on the web regarding kudzu and all the uses for it.  I think the author called it the doomsday plant and in a really shtf situation, this plant can serve as major food resource and also cordage.  My area of north Florida is not inundated with it, but now I am keeping my eye out for local resources.  I have my eye on a book regarding the uses and recipes and I ordered some seeds.  I figure if we are in a worst case scenario, this will give us one more chance.  Besides, the Japanese use this all the time and don’t understand our efforts to eradicate it.

I made a selfish purchase this week and bought myself a Solio Bolt solar battery pack and charger.  I bought this primarily for my Ipod.  If I was stuck on a desert item and could have one electronic device, I would choose my Ipod.  I like to listen to music, especially at night.  The wife wants it as quiet as possible and I grew up going to sleep with the radio so,  I put on my earbuds and drift off.  I figure in a shtf situation, this will probably be one of the things that will allow me to de-stress and get some rest. 

I was busy this weekend with the dehydrator, and was able to create 4 more pints of dehydrated veggies.  I buy the 32 oz bag of frozen mixed vegetables, dehydrate them, and these fit nicely into a pint canning jar.  The frozen veggies are already blanched, so all I have to do is spread them on the tray and let the machine do its job.  It takes about 11 hours to dehydrate each batch.  There are trade-offs with this method vs storing cans, and I do both.  But it seems to me, that I am getting more out of the dehydration. 

I was at the local Wal-mart this week and looking at their ammo.  Their supply situation doesn’t seem any better, and the prices are starting to go up.  If you don’t already have an ample supply, I would suggest you seriously consider getting some sooner rather than later. 

Other accomplishments this  week included more rechargeable D batteries (for lanterns), garlic tablets (anti-biotic properties), and 3 more pair of wool socks.

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