Down, but not out!

Been really busy at work the past  few weeks, plus I strained my back, so it has kept me down but not out.  I gained a new appreciation for those who have physical limitations and was extremely nervous about a bug out situation occurring.  It made me reexamine by bug out/we ain’t coming back bags and what a person might reasonably carry, even if they are slightly injured.   I’ve not been able to get as much done as I wanted, but I did get a few things accomplished: 

Dehydrated another 2 pounds (2 pints) of mixed vegetables and added other items to the emergency pantry.  I’ve also been shoring up the medical supplies, especially focusing on antiseptic ointments and creams.  Also picking up a few more instant cold packs.  During the wife’s biweekly sojourn to the nail salon, I am left to my own devices after I drop her off.  I usually end up at the local army surplus store.  This time I  picked up a camouflaged boonie hat, a spool of military trip wire, 100 feet paracord, and another fire steel.

Took advantage of the time that I was mostly laid up and read Holding your Ground.

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