Waiting on Isaac ….

It’s looking more and more like Isaac is going to come right over top of us and the only unknown is the intensity when it hits.  If it is a category 1 or below, we are planning to bug in.  Category 2, we are leaning towards leaving, and anything above, we are out of here Monday night.  Are we prepared?  I think I am better off than 95% of the folks around here and there are a few more things that I will put in place before the storm hits. 

The good:  I have plenty of water, food, medical supplies, batteries, candles, toilet paper, hygiene supplies, etc.  to weather an extended power outage and still be able to function. 
The bad:  With all the rain we have been having (and will have), my stash of firewood is wet.  It could be a problem if the propane runs out.  Also, I do not have an alternative solar power capability, so we will be running off limited battery power and will have no refrigeration. 
The ugly:  With the heat and humidity and no power, the family will have a really tough time, especially sleeping at night without air conditioning.  I have a generator and a room air conditioner that will provide some relief, but only as long as the fuel lasts.  If it can’t be trucked in and pumped out, we will be in a world of hurt. 

I have made my peace regarding where I am in my current preps and feel fairly confident I can weather this.  There are several things though that I need to do over the weekend to be ready though:  

  • I have a set of gutters on my sunroom that I will make sure are cleaned out.  It’s smaller than a standard size gutter and I swear three oak leaves will stop it up.  Anyway, I will definitely get it cleaned out over the weekend and I have new gutter guards to install to help it stay clear. 
  • Also over the weekend I will be squaring away anything that can be blown about. 
  • I will purchase a few more cases of bottled water, and fill up the seven 6-gallon jerry cans of water and set them inside.  I have other long term water storage that I can rely on if needed. 
  • We are eating up all the immediate perishables in the fridge and freezer and are prepared to eat from cans and our emergency pantry if the power is out for an extended period of time. 
  • I will set out most of my 5 gallon buckets to collect rainwater.  These will be used to flush the toilets if the power is out for a while. 
  • I will top off the cars with gas and make sure any empty gas cans are filled.  Same for the propane tanks.  I need to fill one and top off another. 

I’m sure there will be lessons learned from this experience, but for right now, if feels good to not be in panic mode.  We’ll see….

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