The Elusive Alice Pack ….

I don’t know if it is just me or what.   I have been trying since January to acquire a couple of Alice Packs to use as bug out bags.  I try to use vendors that folks on the blogs have reviewed and recommended, and the fact that both were veteran owned and operated were a plus in my book.  Both my attempts have been frustrating to say the least.  With one, after waiting from 4 months and being promised several times that delivery was imminent, I finally cancelled the transaction and got a refund.  The other acknowledged my order, sent me confirmation, and then nothing.  No credit card charges, no further communication, nada. 

So like a good prepper, I have gone to plan B and have plan C ready as well.  The local surplus store has these available, and I will probably go there this weekend to purchase a couple.  The only reason I didn’t before was because of the really great deals for these packs online.  I know I will pay more, but at this point, I am ready to just get it purchased so I can move forward.  (Plan C by the way is E-Bay).  There are two reasons I am so obsessed with an Alice pack.  Using it and its capabilities for a bug out bag is secondary.  Primarily,  I like the external frame so I can strap other things to it and carry them.  For example, one of my backup water sources is a large pond/small lake that is a short walk from my house, but it entails going through some rugged terrain to be incognito.  The plan is to fill up one of my camping water jerry cans and strap it to my back for the return trip home.  It will be much easier to carry that way rather than trying to carry it by the handle, leaving my hands free for other contingencies as well.  

In the words of Colonel Hannibal Smith … “I love it when a backup plan comes together .”

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